A Fine Line of Designer Swine

Posted February 28, 2015

It’s back to the curing rooms for us. We just returned from the Seattle Wine & Food Experience, and it was wonderful to introduce Olli Salumeria to some new fans, and of course meet with some old ones. We returned to a frigid Central Virginia, which was no real treat. Like much of the country we’re dealing with the Polar Vortex and a few snow storms. Granted, it’s not the 100+ inches New England has racked up, but it does put a crimp in things. Fortunately, the weather has been better in California. We’ve had some rain out there, but our construction crews have done a great job of keeping us on track to open the West Coast Olli Salumeria. We’ll be back out there at the end of the week – this time in Anaheim – for the Natural Products Expo West. Booth 5190. Look for us or follow the delightful aroma of Norcino.

In our travels over the past few months, we’ve heard what people have been saying about our cured meats. We thought we’d take a moment to share some of that feedback with you.

There’s a website for people who like to go hiking called Backpacking Light, and they have a forum for folks to share tips about equipment and such. A post in their community section said, “My local grocer started carrying Olli salami. OMG. This is one truly tasty salami. Made in Virginia. No growth hormones, vegetarian feed, etc. I just had a few slices of the pepper and garlic with some organic smoked cheddar. Goes very, very nicely with a small glass of Redbreast 12-year. Yummmmm. Highly recommended for those looking for a really tasty hard salami.” Our products are shelf-stable, meaning you don’t have to refrigerate them until you open them, so a product like our Salamini is perfect for a backpack.

Otto’s Market is in Germantown, New York, and they carry a pretty robust inventory of artisanal and gourmet products. To describe our line of slow-cured meats, they quoted a local chef and said, “As one chef succinctly put it, Olli Salumeria is “one fine line of designer swine.”

We also got some great feedback on Facebook. Here are some of the comments:

“I sent Olli Salami to my dad in Washington State for Christmas. I also picked some up from Costco for my husband and our house guests we had over the holidays. And found the little salamini in our Safeway. Everyone raved that it was the best salami they have ever had. Thank you, now I finally have a gift for my dad that he actually likes.”

“Tasted your meats at Citricos in Orlando, FL and they were exquisite. I had to ask the chef and he told us it was Olli Salumeria.”

“I am Italian born, and finally we have the real stuff!”

“The Applewood smoked salame with Sangiovese Wine amazing. I eat meats from Europe all the time because I love the cured meats from there. But whenever I eat salame’s from the USA they would always be made overly fatty and lack flavor. This brand and flavor was the best I’ve had from the USA.”

“Tried some Napoli today from my Harris Teeter in Williamsburg, Virginia today. Now I’m hooked!”

We thank you all for being fans. Now it’s back to watching the meats cure. Ciao for now!


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