Call Us Old-Fashioned

Posted March 31, 2015

If you were to visit our salumeria in Virginia (and very soon our new salumeria in Oceanside, California!), you would see meat grinders. Big, industrial strength meat grinders. You would see large commercial mixers. We have machines that pack the meats into their casings. Our curing rooms use the latest technology to help us monitor and adjust temperature and humidity. We use fancy computer programs to lot-track each product to pinpoint where the pork came from and what the characteristics are. Each and every salami is flushed with oxygen-free air so that it stays shelf-stable for up to nine months, guaranteeing you superior product when you see us in your local market.

Much of what we do is pretty high tech.

But what we do is decidedly not high tech.

Oliviero Colmignoli takes great pains to find the best pigs available. He wants to know how they were raised, and what they eat. He wants to know that the farmer cares, and that his pigs are treated well. He wants to be assured that what he buys for Olli Salumeria is free from antibiotics, the pigs never eat animal by-products, and that his farmer partner is passionate. When he meets someone like Jude Becker, he likes to know that Jude has the same feeling about his product that we have about ours.

Each of our products is hand-rubbed with select spices for distinct flavors. We allow plenty of time for the spices to interact with the meat, and that’s a process that technology can’t speed up. Once they are in the curing rooms, we watch them. Every day. Until they’re ready, and not a moment sooner. That’s the way Olli’s family did it four generations ago, and that’s the way we do it today.

We live in a modern age, and have some really cool tools at our disposal to help make our cured meats. What we do, however, is very simple: Find great pigs, add premium spices, and then take the time to let nature do its work. That’s what we do.

We ran across this video the other day, and perhaps it’s an Italiano thing, but Gabriele Bonci looks at his pizza the way we look at a salami. He finds the best ingredients, adds the finest spices, and takes his time. Like all of us at Olli Salumeria, he’s also supremely passionate about his craft.

Now we have a craving for pizza…

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