It’s Time to Finish Your Holiday Shopping

Posted December 20, 2013

Have you finished your Holiday Shopping? In addition to the obvious gifts, there is the added burden of preparing holiday meals.  There are two instant problems with this list:  1) There are some that you simply cannot shop for, and 2) How much turkey can a family eat?

We may be able to help with both of those issues.  We’ve added some new items over the past year that should offer you some options.

First on the menu is a selection from the Whole Cured Meat department.  We’ve long had fans of our Prosciutto, and we’re proud of it.  The Prosciutto is, in fact, one of the first products we made at Olli Salumeria.  A whole Prosciutto is, however, a decent sized piece of pork.  A Mangalitsa bone in Prosciutto starts off with 30 pounds of uncured ham and ships to you as a 10-pound morsel.  But we’ve added a sliced Prosciutto that’s perfect for your party platter or as part of a sandwich spread.  It’s one pound of our finest Prosciutto, carefully aged, sliced, and then packaged.

Nothing makes an Italian happier than a kitchen full of people, so we’ll keep on the “party platter” theme with two other newer offerings.  We like to lay out ample snacks when we’re entertaining, and that was the inspiration for our Salamini line.  These are bite-sized, ready-to-eat salame morsels that are perfect with some nice wine and a bit of cheese.   Our Salamini Sampler offers four packages – one each of Calabrese, Napoli, Norcino, and Pepperoni.  If you like our whole cured salame, these will make your day.

To solve the dilemma of which cheese to pair with an Olli Salame, we’ve partnered with Everona Cheeses for two exclusive Salame Packages.  They’re a small dairy bathed in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Rapidan, Virginia, and not far from the lovely town of Orange.  Matriarch Dr. Pat Elliot found herself with some bored border collies, so she bought some sheep to keep them occupied.  She was already an amateur cheesemaker, and found that her neighbors grew fond of her new sheep’s milk cheese.  Her son, Brain Wentz, is now a second-generation cheesemaker.

Our first package is the Tartufo Package.  You get a truffle-infused Tartufo Salame, a wedge of wine-soaked Everona Pride of Bacchus cheese, and a box of 34° All-natural Crisps.  The second is the Wild Boar Package.  Wild Boar is smoked over applewood, and has an earthy flavor.  It comes with the 34° Crisps and a wedge of Everona Dairy Earthquake.  Virginia, you see, had an earthquake about a year ago, and the Earthquake cheese was inspired by that.  It’s a not-quite-bleu-cheese profile, with more earthiness than the tang of a traditional bleu cheese, and a perfect partner for our Wild Boar Salame.

Your Holiday planning should now be firmly in hand.  Remember, you can always slice up an Olli Salame for your guests to enjoy before or after dinner.  They go great as snacks during footballs games, and are a welcome respite from stuffing and cranberries.  Shop online here, or look for us at a specialty grocer near you.  You can also enjoy our exclusive Gusto label from select Whole Foods Grocers.

Buone Feste!

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