Pairing Guide: Salami and Wine

Posted October 9, 2015

While wine and cheese are an undeniable team, there’s another winning contestant featured on this artisan panel that may just take the cake: salami. Salami is almost always invited to the fancy cheese plate party, but it tends to be overlooked as a first choice wine-pairing candidate. We’re here to tell you otherwise.


This likely pair will season your tastebuds with aromas and flavors that will balance and blend with one another beautifully. There’s no need to be an expert on cured meats or even a wine connoisseur. However, it is good to be aware of a few key points. Aged and fermented meats, such as salami, hold complex flavors. Meanwhile, wine covers a wide spectrum of flavors ranging from tart and fruity, to spicy and oaky.

To give some insight about how we went about our tasting, we chose 6 different varietals of wine and 3 different types of Organic Olli Salami. Below are the opinions of our tasting panel, comprised of novice wine and salami fans. So next time you come across this dynamic duo, whether you’re dining at your favorite, local lounge or simply relaxing at home, we hope our personal pairing experience will provide you with some guidance.


Organic Molisana

Made with whole black peppercorn and garlic, this flavorful and rich salami is an Italian staple. While it offers a bit of spice and aroma, it’s good to pair with wines that are flavorful but not overwhelming.

Pinot Grigio Gia, fruity, dry, crisp, refreshing

Zinfandel – 7 Deadly Sins, aromatic, sweet, berry

Pinot Noir – Cono Sur- light, mild, berry


Organic Hot Chorizo

This spicy salami is made with paprika to give it a lingering burn. As a classic, Spanish staple, the Hot Chorizo pairs well with lighter and crisp wines that won’t overpower your taste buds and can reduce the fire a bit.

Zinfandel 7 Deadly Zins- smooth, fruity, deep berry, sweet, mild

Prosecco – Stellina De Notte- citrus, dry, crisp


Organic Norcino

Probably what comes to most Americans’ minds when envisioning “salami,” the Norcino is simple with a mild profile. These flavor palates would work well with a wide array of wine, but the mildness of the salami welcomes stronger and bolder wines.

Unoaked Chardonnay Mer Soleil Silver- lemon, full body acidity start to finish

Red Blend – Monte Antico – spicy, heavy



These wine variations are just the beginning to pairing possibilities with Olli Salumeria Salami. Whether throwing a party or just enjoying as a light horderve, you are bound to find a combination you will love. We’ll continue sharing new and winning combinations that you can use to create gourmet experiences at home.


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