Spreading the Olli Love

Posted August 1, 2014

We were relaxing at the Salumeria the other day. Doesn’t happen very often. Some Norcino had just come out of the curing rooms, and we’d just loaded another truck with cured meats bound for Canada. We were still responding to fans and buyers that we’d met at the Fancy Food Show, and taking some time to regroup…

About that Fancy Food Show – our Norcino Salamini was nominated for an Outstanding New Product award, and out of over 180,000 products at the show, was one of 13 selected to be featured on the Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda. We’re pretty proud of that.  You can watch it here.

Anyway, we were taking a moment to enjoy a bit of a snack. Cantaloupes are ripening at some of the farms around our Mechanicsville, Virginia salumeria, and we were enjoying some cool, fresh melon wrapped in thin slices of Prociutto Di Paolo. A nice bit of savory-salty-sweet. During the repast, we were sort of talking about all of the different places we have been sending our cured meats and all of the different people around the country who were using our products.

When we first started Olli Salumeria, we hit all of our local markets and vendors to help spread the word and sell our products. We soon found a friend in Whole Foods Market, began shipping to Williams – Sonoma, were asked to send meats to Wegman’s and Costco, and started seeing “Olli Salumeria” on restaurant menus across the country. Now we’re opening a second salumeria in California, and can officially call ourselves an “international brand.” We’ve crossed a border and gone into Canada.

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market is a small group of stores clustered in the upper Midwest. They believe that you “don’t have to give away the farm to feed your body nutritious food.” They ordered their first Olli meats at the beginning of this month.

Whole Foods likes to keep their products as local as possible, but they’re shipping our salami to Oahu, so that folks visiting Hawaii’s capital, Honolulu, can enjoy the same delicious cured meats as us mainlanders.

Northside Social is a gathering spot an hour or so north of our Mechanicsville salumeria, and not too far from our Nation’s capital. They’re a pretty serious bunch when it comes to food and drink. Not only do they have an official “Director of Coffee,” their chef, Matt Hill, was CIA trained in Hyde Park, and did stints for Tom Colicchio and Charlie Palmer. They’re also fans of Olli Salumeria, and feature us on their menu.

Slumbrew is the home of Somerville Brewing Company in Somerville, Massachusetts. They have a great roster of craft brews, and like that same sort of quality in their food offerings. They naturally asked for some Olli Salumeria meats.

Customshop is in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina, and while they veer from Italian to French to Spanish, they have a certain passion for quality products and in particular meats. They do amazing things with beef, tuna, lamb, rabbit, and more. They also, not surprisingly, have a passion for our Chorizo.

We’re in groceries and on restaurant menus from the Atlantic to the Pacific. We’re being enjoyed up in Canada and down in Texas. People in Hawaii are asking for us. We’re creating great cured meats in Virginia and will soon have meats aging in California. We were just on one of the most-watched television shows in America. And we have fresh cantaloupe.

All in all, things are going pretty well.

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