Taste the Rest, but Eat the Best

Posted May 20, 2014

Spring has proven to be pretty exciting around Olli Salumeria. Where to start?

We’re getting ready to head to New York for the Summer Fancy Food Show. It will be June 29 through July 1 in New York City at the Javits Center. Over 2,400 exhibitors from 80 countries will be showing over 180,000 food-related products. This show will also be the largest in sofi ™ history, so you won’t want to miss it.

We were pretty proud to have been nominated for a sofi prize in 2013 for our just-released Pepperoni. This year, a panel of judges voted on over 2,700 products for an award. The judges are food experts, journalists, retailers, chefs, and industry experts. This year, our Norcino Salamini is nominated for Best New Product. Like all of our Salami, it contains no preservatives, and is from the same wholesome pork as our regular-sized Norcino, but in a bite-sized savory package. Stop by booth 2854 and have a sample. At the food show, you can certainly taste the rest, but you won’t want to miss the best! And then vote for our Norcino Salamini!

Before we head to New York for the Fancy Food Show, we’ll spend June 1-3 in Denver, Colorado. This will be for the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association Show. This one, unlike Fancy Food, is especially for retailers and folks like us. It’s also the largest industry-specific food trade show in the world. There will be over 1,800 booths with new food, merchandising ideas, and seminars on things like food research, global issues, and service trends.

More folks are also clamoring for our products. While you can always order directly from us, our cured meats are popping up in retail markets across the country. We’re seeing posts on Facebook and Twitter from fans who have seen a display of their favorite Olli products. From things close to our Virginia plant to markets in Seattle, Texas, Ohio, and more; the word seems to be getting out about the deliciousness that is an Olli Salami. We also recently loaded our first truck destined for the Great White North – Canada! While our roots are firmly tied to Oliviero’s home of Italy, we can now officially say that our company is international.

We’re also humming along on our new plant in California. We’re like many, and have been nervously watching as wildfires have brought havoc to the area, and our hearts are certainly going out to those who have lost homes and businesses. We’ve been very lucky, and are pretty much on schedule for an early 2015 opening. Knowing what folks who live around there are going through, we’re glad that we’re taking the environmental steps that we are, especially our stormwater management system. Soon enough, we’ll be curing meats on both coasts.

olli-salumeria-taste-the-rest-but-eat-the-best-salamiOlli Cuttingboard – Pecan – both2If you’ve not heard, we’re branching out a bit. There’s something about a fine wine that’s lost in a paper cup. Given the time and thought that we put behind a piece of high-quality pork, it only makes sense that it have a good home. When we were starting to look for real estate in California, we met Jess Hartnett. Jess had been in the Fire Service for almost 25 years. Much like Oliviero learned the Salume business from his family, Jess learned woodworking from his family, and is the 3rd generation to have turned it into a business. He calls it FireHouse Boards. We ordered some cutting boards for use at trade shows, and loved them so much that we’re offering them to you. We currently have them in maple and pecan, either large or small, and each board is handcrafted and bears the Olli logo.

Lastly, some viewer mail.

From Facebook, we learned of a Richmond, Virginia Olli fan who sent some salami to a friend in Texas, Monsignor Francis. Father Frank wrote him back, “The salami was like Italy. I ate it in the dark so that I wouldn’t have to share it.” We admire his passion, but remember to slice before one blows out the candles. Safety first. Savory second.

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