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Posted November 19, 2014

It’s looking as if this holiday season is going to be a busy one for Olli Salumeria. But, like any small business, that’s a good problem to have. We also have you to thank for that. In a few short years we’ve managed to create an amazing base of fans. Again – a good problem to have.

Here are some updates on goings-on around the Salumeria:

Things in California are really taking shape. Our new plant in Oceanside, California is looking more and more like a functioning building. Equipment has been ordered and staging scheduled, and we’re on track to be open and curing meats on-time. We’re naturally a bit impatient to have this happen sooner, but we’re also pretty good with patience. Perhaps that comes from our process? After acquiring the finest all-natural pork from the best farmers, taking the time to allow our meats to cure is the second most important ingredient in the delicious salami that we make.olli-salumeria-updates-from-the-land-of-olli-cooking-fats

Not far from Oceanside is lovely San Diego, California. We’ll be there November 16th-23rd for the San Diego Bay Wine + Food Festival. This is their 11th year, and the event raises funds for culinary, enology, and hospitality scholarships.

Enology, or oenology, is (by the way) the science of wine and wine making. Thought you should know.

Anyway, the Festival is one of the largest in the country, and does a ton to support the community’s hospitality trade. We’ll be joined by the biggest names in Spirits, chefs from the very best restaurants, and a number of our peers in specialty food and drink. You should come.

When you’re starting your holiday shopping, you might want to check out Specialty Food. They’re the guys who host the Fancy Food Shows and know a bit about good eats and drinks. They put out an annual Holiday Gift Guide with their picks for the very best of the best. They have recommendations for fudge, cookies, teas, vinegar and more. They suggest you finish your gift basket with our Organic Hot Chorizo.

We’ll see more of the Specialty Food crowd right after the holidays. We’ll be in San Francisco January 11th – 13th for the annual Winter Fancy Food Show. If you’ve never attended one, you should come. There are over 80,000 products from 1,300 exhibitors representing the best in America and 35 other countries and regions. We’ve always had a great turnout at the Olli Salumeria booth, and would love to continue that trend. Booth 4517.

Lastly, one of our new favorite things: We travel a bit to attend various shows, to check up on the progress in Oceanside, and to meet with the merchants who carry our cured meats. That being said, we’ve become kind of connoisseurs of the late-night vending machine. It’s hard to believe, but we can’t live on Salamini alone. In Tampa, Florida, there’s a place called Cigar City Brewing. They make darned tasty brews, have a tasting room where they hand-roll fresh cigars five days a week (hence the name), and are carrying on a long tradition of craft brewing in the Tampa Bay area. They have a vending machine. It’s stocked with a great assortment of chips and candies and multi-grain bars for snacking. The entire top row is Olli Salumeria Salamini. We suggest you visit and press A1, A2, or A3. Any of those would go great with a cool, refreshing brew.olli-salumeria-updates-from-the-land-of-olli

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