We’re Going to California!

Posted April 1, 2014

The availability of Olli Salumeria products is wholly dependent on a few factors:

  • Our ability to procure great pork.
  • The ability to get our cured meats to you.
  • Controlling the curing process.

That last part takes time, and we can’t rush it.  This was a lesson learned generations ago by Oliviero Colmignoli’s family, and one that he continues to preach today.  No amount of technology or innovation can improve on slow-cured pork.

That being said, we’re expanding.  We’ve broken ground on a new plant in Oceanside, California.

We know what you’re thinking:  “You won’t be that artisan creating delicious meats out of heirloom pigs raised on sustainable factory farms.  It’s like our favorite Mom & Pop restaurant turning into a huge franchise.”  Not so fast.  We’ll still keep and operate our original facility in Virginia, and we’ll still stick to the time-honored techniques and recipes handed down by Oliviero’s family.  This move allows us to get better.

Our process starts with selecting the best pigs from the best farmers in North America.  Opening a West Coast facility allows us to take advantage of pigs and pork more quickly and efficiently.  We’ll have access to (and get into production!) fantastic pork from all over the country.

We’re also limited by how much we can process.  Our loading dock is only so large, and our coolers only so big, and once a curing room is full it’s all over but the waiting.  Our California salumeria will be a bit larger, allowing us to receive, season, and cure larger batches of pork.  Your Norcino or Tartufo will go through the same quality checks, follow the same recipes, and undergo the same curing process as the products that you’ve grown to love out of our Flagship Virginia salumeria.  Each of our employees is trained and supervised by Oliviero, and he’ll continue to ensure that his family recipes are followed.  His name is on every piece of cured meat, and he takes that seriously.

We also get inquiries from folks around the country that may be having a hard time finding our products.  Our meats are natural, and we do several organic meats, and like many foods that have those characteristics, it’s good to source locally.  There are many groceries and food shops that are looking for those products for their consumers.  They prefer to source items that didn’t travel 3 or 4,000 miles to end up on their display shelf, and we can appreciate that.  This move will allow more shops and stores to carry our product and reduce the amount of shipping required.

Here’s the cool part about that:  One of the first projects completed on the new site is a storm water management system.  Why is that important?  Because like our farmer partners, we feel as if we’re obligated to be stewards of our environment.  If we’re good to our Earth, she’ll see fit to provide a loving home for great pigs, and we love turning them into delicious, wholesome, savory things to eat.  That’s why we’re also taking the steps to make our California salumeria LEED certified.  The United States Green Building Council has a strict list of criteria for making your building energy efficient, which is hard to do when you’re processing food.  We need things like refrigeration, electricity, and water.  And tons of shipping leaves a pretty big footprint.  Much like the steps we take to keep Olli meats free of additives, antibiotics, and preservatives, we’re taking great steps not to add anything into our environment that we don’t have to.

Perhaps just the aroma of Chorizo?

Getting bigger doesn’t mean cutting corners.  If anything, the care that we’re taking with this building signals a bigger commitment to you for high-quality salume.  And we hope to be providing you with salume from California by the beginning of 2015.


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