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Posted July 23, 2013

Since our founding, we have been providing all natural salami based on 160-year old recipes passed down through Oliviero Colmignoli’s family. Salumi is what we know best.  We also know that good salumi is directly affected by the quality of pork; thus we go to great lengths to craft a farm-fresh product, using only pork from humanely raised, heritage-breed pigs from sustainable family-owned farms.  Recently, though, we’ve been itching to create something new.

“GMO” and “organic” are two words circulating the food industry at the moment, and although we’ve been producing a product sourced from compassionate, pasture-raised farms, the USDA is very specific about what can and cannot be labeled certain ways.  And while all of our Olli products are free of gluten, treenuts, peanuts, milk products, eggs, soy, fish and shellfish, we wanted the USDA blessing to add certified organic to the list.


As mentioned in our recent blog post, the term “organic” is hard to define since the definition of humanely, organically, or naturally raised seems to be a personal interpretation.  Charcuterie speaking, organic meat comes from animals that have been raised on farms that follow a strict set of guidelines.  Key requirements include:

– Must be raised organically on certified organic pastures.
– Must be fed certified organic feed for their entire lives.
– The animals’ organic feed cannot contain animal by-products, antibiotics, or generally engineered grains, and cannot be grown using persistent pesticides, or chemical fertilizers.
– No drugs, antibiotics, or growth hormones are allowed.
– Must have year-round outdoor access.

Here at Olli, we are committed to supporting the practices of good animal welfare and ecologically responsible farming.  So in the creation of our new organic line of salami, we have partnered with responsible farmers that share our passion for quality-cured meats.  Our pork is the star of our salami show and we’re really excited about our new products!

Introducing three new stars in our salami lineup:

Organic Norcino


The flavor profile for this salami is mild, and it is seasoned using the simplest of ingredients: salt and white pepper. This allows the flavor of our premium pork to shine through.

Organic Molisana


Molisana is the quintessential Italian salami.  This robust salami is flavored with cracked black peppercorn and garlic, with the latter being the dominant flavor.

Hot Organic Chorizo


To create this spicy Spanish salami, we took our original Chorizo recipe, used organic pork, and added spicy paprika to give it a flavorful heat.

We’ve worked pretty hard for that little green addition of “organic” to our labels, and are extremely proud to introduce this line to the market. Our Olli Organic line will be available at your local retailers, restaurants, and soon in our online shop. Our mission to create quality cured meats never wanes, and continuing to grow our product line is a job that’s never finished, so stay tuned for the next cured creation that Olli has up his sleeve!

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