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  • “I found a "Salame Norcino" near home at Friendship Heights' Whole Foods. Delicious! ”
    C.C. (on Facebook)
  • “Very happy to find your salumi at Joppa Fine Foods in Newburyport. It was delicious.”
    E.A. (on Facebook)
  • “I've been snapping up a ton of your salame from Lunds in the Minneapolis area, and was wondering if you had any other vendors near us?”
    P.B. (on Facebook)
  • “Just bought my 1st Olli - already addicted. I should have bought the whole lot of 'em at Lund's.”
    D.M. (on Facebook)
  • “Olli. Fantastic calabrese... best I have ever had!! My wife bought your salami at Short Pumps Whole Foods. I am recovering from hip replacement surgery I had Monday. Your salami and Allagash Behian beer with Appalachian cheese has made me pain-free. Thanks Olli. ”
    S.J. on Facebook
  • “Where can we buy your products online? We love your "norcino" but the local farmers market is out of stock! ”
    A.G. (on Facebook)
  • “Ate your awesome pork products at the food show in DC, pig heaven!”
    B.L. (on Facebook)
  • “Complimenti arrivo domenica per la messa in moto.”
    L.A. (on Facebook)
  • “This is amazing pig! Had some Norcino today, yum.”
    P.H. (on Facebook)